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Dear Abby,

Customer Testimonials

"My husband and I started feeding the raw diet 6 years ago to our 6 year old and 2 year old Golden retrievers after reading the book "Give Your Dog a Bone" . Within 6 months both dogs had fresh breath, clean teeth and shinier coats. At that time we were taking the time to make the food ourselves and supplementing it with raw chicken.

We eventually switched to a commercial frozen raw food and supplemented that with raw chicken.

Two years ago we switched to Abby's Choice pet food. Our dogs immediately let us know that Abby's Choice was their food of choice. We now have five Newfoundlands and a ten year old Golden retriever and they are thriving on this food. Our ten year old acts like a puppy more often than not and our Newfoundlands have nice shinny coats and fresh breath.

We supplement the food with eggs, cottage cheese and yogurt. We also give our dogs raw meaty bones and fish.

Our older Newfoundland has always preferred food to other activities.

(She is a chow hound!) We often had to be careful about food portions., because she has a tendency to gain weight rather easy. Now that we have switched her to Abby's Choice, we are no longer concerned about her gaining too much weight. It does not contain any fillers that contribute to weight gain.

We will continue to feed our dog's Abby's Choice and Molly, Calypso, Grace, Captain, Sail and Casey can't wait to try some of the new recipes!"  

Rick and Linda

Naples, NY


"We started using Abby's Choice Natural Raw Pet Food about 4 years ago when we got a new puppy. Since then we have fed it to two other puppies, two elderly dogs and one in between. Abby's Choice was recommended by the breeder as part of a raw food diet. We know that she breeds for health, longevity and she believes that a all natural raw diet is critical to achieve this.

And we want this for our dogs.

All of our dogs love Abby's Choice! Problems with teeth and digestion in our older dogs are gone. The younger ones have more energy without the overload of protein that comes with commercial puppy foods. All of our dogs are healthy, strong, happy and have wonderful shiny coats.

We know what goes into our dogs food and we know who makes it. We are greatful that we can feed our best friends such a great food.

Try it, they'll like it!

Sincerely, Flow, Hattie, Cooper and Ozzie's mom and dad,"

Virginia and Rob

Pittsford, NY


"My two German Shepherd dogs are an important part of my family. Being active K-9 working dogs they require good quality food for performance, energy and physical fitness.

I have researched different brands of dog food and there are many to choose from. It was difficult to know where to start. Current research shows that the raw diet is the closest to the natural diet of the dog. More and more top dog trainers around the world are feeding raw diets to their competition dogs.


With the recent scares of dogs dying from the food they were eating was enough for me to want to feed my dogs a food I knew was safe and free from additives and preservatives. With my busy schedule I also need the convenience of a ready-made product. What could be better than food made with fresh human grade meats and vegetables?


With Abby's Choice raw dog food I get the satisfaction of knowing the source of the food my dogs are eating in an affordable and convenient package. With the good source of easily digestible protein in Abby's Choice, my dogs have healthy coats, reduced stool volume, less digestive problems and the stamina for top performance.


Thank you for making Abby's Choice for us!"


Rochester, NY

"My Weimaraners are in training for multiple competition venues and I really want them to be in the best condition possible. Agility, tracking, obedience, and now conformation with my new puppy all are all demanding sports and dogs need great nutrition to stay in top form.

Abby's Choice has been the answer for me. I had spent a fair amount of time trying to create a good mixed raw food for my dog when I discovered Abby's Choice; which was everything I was working to make- except better. Abby's Choice with it's all natural, fresh ground whole poultry and a great mix of dark greens and deep color vegetables is the best fresh frozen raw food I have seen. I serve it in combination with some high quality natural dry food, and a dollop of yogurt each day- and my dogs have never looked or felt better.

I don't even need to mention the fact that they absolutely love Abby's Choice. It's good, fresh and they can taste it. Thanks for such a great product!"


CT PewterRun's Paper Moon, VCD2, RE, AX, AXJ, VX (aka "Truman" -9 year old Weimaraner Tracking Champion and holder of 17 AKC Tracking, obedience, and agility titles)

and Indaba's Premium Porter (also known as "Porter"- born July 2010, energetic puppy in training)


Springwater, NY

"I have a mixed household....two working (Search & Rescue) Bloodhounds as well as two family dogs and a very picky cat. Abby's Choice is the only raw food my own cat Abbey will eat...well, other than the raw meals she catches herself. Cats are notoriously difficult to transition to a raw diet and Abbey was no exception. Now she won't touch anything else. She is in gorgeous shape. SAR dogs nee to be in top physical and mental condition and I don't think there's a better diet to facilitate that than species appropriate raw food. For dogs, I feed Abby's Choice in addition to raw meaty bones. I recently added a 5 month old Bloodhound to our K9 crew. I brought him over from Germany and, while he was on an "ok" kibble diet, it still had lots of grains. It showed in the lackluster appearance of his coat, odd smell of his breath, intestinal gas and size / consistency of his stools. I immediately transitioned him over to Abby's Choice and have started adding in raw meaty bones gradually. The transition was absolutely perfect. No adverse effects whatsoever.The transformation is spectacular in the short time ,3.5 weeks, that he has been on the raw diet.....although having seen the difference before, I was expecting great results. His coat is now glossy, breath is sweet, no intestinal gas and his stools are small and firm. I am also going to hopefully be adding another Bloodhound puppy in the near future and Abby's Choice will be an integral part of his/her foundation! I don't think anything lays down a better bone structure than a raw diet and I am very pleased that we have such a good local resource for quality raw food for our pets"!

Mary -(ISRCH) & Sister,Aik, Boo, Lilly and Abbey

Hemlock NY


It's fulfilling for me to have this opportunity to share what I have found to be an amazing food for my dogs. Abby's Choice is obviously the food of choice for all 3 of my dogs! I have never seen them enjoy any food more, whether it be a treat or a staple and it feels great to offer them something they enjoy so much every day, knowing that it is so healthy for them.


Molly, my JRT, is turning 15, Chance, my sable Sheltie, is turning 12, and Sparks, my tri-Shelti has just turned 4. I have found improvement in each of their health and vitality since changing from a high grade kibble to Abby's Choice. Interesting enough, I have made my own raw diet in the past, and tried several of the best kibble available for all 3 of my dogs, never seen any significant change in their health before finding Abby's Choice. Molly had skin allergies her entire life, needing medication to keep it under control. After a couple of weeks on Abby's Choice, I noticed the change and she no longer required any  medication; you can imagine my surprise and relief after 14 years of dealing with this problem. Chance has always struggled with intermittent stomach challenges, which we've seen subside, and a new strong health line has been created. Sparks, my youngest, was the reason that I initially sought out Abby's Choice. Sparks had some fear issues and eye problems; after researching some causes and remedies, I decided to try a really good raw diet in hopes of stabilizing her emotionally and physically. Within about a month, we began to see improvement, which continued for about another month until it was clear that this was the diet Sparks really needed. When I began feeding this diet to Sparks, I never thought of offering it to Molly and Chance, but after seeing the vast improvement she experienced I transitioned Molly and Chance to the Abby's Choice and I am so happy I did!


I believe Abby's Choice is "Choice" because it offers human grade meat with fresh "not previously frozen" vegetables, with organ meat and bone. The facility in which it is prepared is inspected for human food, which brings it to a very high standard. I stir in a digestive enzyme and a multi-vitamin. My dogs cry when I prepare their meals, in excitement and thrill, at every single meal. It makes me feel so good to offer my companions a diet they love so much and that I know is so health for them.



Mendon, NY 


MACH3 Bronze LAA ADCH Denahur's Let's Chance The Storm, SACH-Silver, GCH-Gold, RCH, TM-Bronze, XF, NAC, NGC

2005 AKC/USA World Team

USA Medium World Team 7th Place Overall

2005 AKC 16" 3rd Place National Champion

2008 AAC 16" 6th Place Canadian National Champion

USDAA Agility Top Ten Gamblers & Jumpers ("Chance" Sheltie)


MACH ADCH JRTCA G-T-G Ch Round the Bend Molly, SACH, OAC, NGC, NJC, TDI, CGC ("Molly" JRT)



1998 David Letterman Guest, Stupid Pet Tricks!

2002 The View With Barbara Walters, Talent Show

Toven Let The Sparks Fly!, AX, OAJ, CL1-R, CL1-H, CL-S, CL2-F, CL2-R, CL2-F ("Sparks" Sheltie)