This is the Abby's Choice family.

This year "Miss Billie" was added.

She is Abby's Choice fourth generation of healthy dogs.   

Trooper, Riley and Abby
Miss Billie,Riley,Abby and Trooper
Miss Billie Pup

Abby's Choice was developed for a one simple but very important reason; we wanted a fresh frozen raw pet food for our dogs made with Inspected Human Grade Meats and Vegetables.

We wanted to be able to see what the raw materials were like before they were processed into pet food.We believe that the freshest ingredients are as important to our canine friends as they are to us. Our only choice was to develop Abby's Choice Natural Raw Pet Foods. 


When we were in the developing stages of our Original Blend, we researched what ingredients and building blocks were beneficial in promoting health and longevity. What we found was most of the ingredients were in our own home! On our "Products" page you will find the benefits of the ingredients that we use.


During the developing process we surveyed the people that were feeding a raw natural pet food. We asked them what it was that they would like to have in a pet food and or what they would change in the products that they were using. The response was almost unanimous. They wanted a base diet to customize to their liking. With having the option of adding their favorite supplement, Abby's Choice Original Blend was a homerun for raw feeders! 

Our Original Blend allows you to add whatever supplement you prefer!


Abby's Choice Original Blend is not a complete diet but a great foundation to start building on. It consists of 80% meat and bone and 20% organ meat, vegetables and some oatmeal.

We have taken the guess work and the hard part out of the equation for you to customize your all natural pet food. To make this raw pet food a more complete diet we suggest that you add yogurt , fruits and the supplement of your choice. We like to you use fruits that are in season for availability and freshness. If you are in the North East like us, in the winter you can use either frozen fruits or fruits or what is available in your local grocery store from the warmer states. 


We have had some real incredible testimonials that have been linked with our food and good supplements, and our Abby is one. You can find her story on the "Testimonials" page.


Abby's Choice Natural Raw Pet Foods family is growing and we will continue to stay focused on our mission to offer the freshest frozen raw pet food. With multiple generations growing healthy on Abby's Choice Natural Raw Pet Foods, the future is looking to be exciting with new flavors in the near future!

We are confident that if you try our food, you will not be disappointed. Neither will your four legged friends! Ask Trooper, he is one of our dogs and one of our biggest fans! 

Thanks for checking us out!