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If you are looking for a fresh frozen all natural raw pet food, you have come to the right place.


Nature intended our canine friends to eat fresh raw foods, biologically appropriate raw foods, commonly known as the B.A.R.F. diet.


At Abby's Choice we are committed to supply you with just that.

A diet that was intended for canines, fresh frozen raw pet food.

Our canine friends have powerful jaws and sharp teeth deigned to eat raw meaty bones. The essential minerals and vitamins that are in raw meaty bones, will help them to sustain a long healthy life. 


Our goal is to provide the freshest frozen raw pet food available in the Rochester N.Y. and the Upstate N.Y. area. We are the only manufacture of a frozen raw pet food in Rochester N.Y. as well as the upstate area.

We produce our product weekly and in small batches.

We do not mass produce our food. For the most part your pet food order, is made to order.


We only use human grade U.S.D.A. inspected ingredients.

There are no 4D meats used, and the same  rule is applied to the vegetables that we use, only fresh human grade.

The same ingredients that you would serve your family are used in our product. This product is made in a New York state inspected facility that provides wholesale restaurant supplies to the restaurant industry.


We pride ourselves on the freshness and on the way that our food is processed. Everything is handled by human hands before final processing is achieved. The vegetables are hand cut and the meat products are handled by human hands for even further inspection before being mixed with our vegetable blend. 


Our frozen raw pet food is based on our simple concept, start with good all natural fresh ingredients and you will end up with a natural pet food that is fresh and not processed and your canine friend will thank you for it.

A frozen raw pet food like human food, is as good as the ingredients that they are made from.   


As humans we have the ability to make sensible decisions about the quality and the type of nutrition that we consume. Why not make those decisions for our canine friends? As we all know, a canines life is by far not long enough. Why not try to extend it and help to make a better healthy life for your canine friend with what they need.......Abby's Choice Natural Raw Pet Foods  


New Item!



Abby's Choice Original Blend is now offered in a Stay Fresh Clear 2 lb Container! Great for smaller dogs as well as traveling. The stream lined container stacks on top of each other for space saving freezer storage.  

Thaw and scoop from the same recyclable container. The unused portion can be put back in the refrigerator ready for the next meal to be scooped from. 

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